Our stance on locum pensions: advice to locums

We wish to to clarify our stance on the recent announcements regarding GP locums' pensions.

With Network Locum you will still be able to pay into the NHS pension scheme (unless you are set up as a limited company, are working for an Out of Hours provider, or you are retired).

How you pension your earnings

90% of your earnings through Network Locum are considered pensionable.

If you wish to pay into the pension scheme you add 14% of this pensionable amount. You will be responsible for making the payments.

Financial advice for GPs

We have a partnership with Opus Financial Solutions, a highly qualified FCA regulated organisation who specialise in providing cost effective financial advice to health professionals like you.

They can help with all areas of financial advice including NHS pensions, investments, mortgages and insurances. They are also providing a complementary review meeting to all Network Locum members.

How you can help us

We would appreciate it if over the next fortnight you could email kelsey@networklocum.com and tell her how you are planning on conducting your business. Through a limited company or as an individual so that we can provide targeted advice and get the full picture of how many locums might be affected.

The new pension forms are not available yet. We will post them on the site when they are.

I hope this clears things up.

Please call me if any questions.

Melissa Morris

CEO Network Locum

0203 771 8411